Titans rookie Matt Sewell didn’t grow up dreaming about making it to the NFL. As a kid, he never even heard of Hall of Famers Mike Munchak or Bruce Matthews, despite being an offensive lineman himself. His favorite professional football team was the Toronto Argonauts. “In Canada, most people think it’s unrealistic to set the NFL as your goal,’’ Sewell said. “Being my size, they expect you to give it a shot. I’m hoping I can make it work out.” A 6-foot-8, 342-pound offensive tackle, Sewell is one of two Canadians attempting to make the Titans after being signed as an undrafted free agent following the NFL draft. Stefan Charles, a 6-foot-5, 302-pound defensive tackle who’s also from Ontario, also took part in the team’s rookie orientation over the weekend and is working at Baptist Sports Park these days. Making the Titans — and the adjustment to the NFL — won’t be easy. The two not only face improved competition, but a new set of rules as well. “You are looking everywhere for players,’’ said Munchak, who is set to begin his third year as head coach of the Titans. “There is nobody that goes unnoticed anywhere that plays football, and these are two big guys that are hard to hide.