Gregg Williams says he is a changed man. I hope so. But I also hope he hasn’t changed too much. Bottom line: The Titans need the Gregg Williams who last coached here in 2000, an aggressive, take-no-prisoners presence that will instill an attitude and a purpose to a defense that sorely needs a fresh start. In short, drop the bounties but keep the edge. To those who say the Titans sold their soul by hiring Williams, I offer this: Somebody in the NFL was going to hire him once his suspension was lifted. Why not the Titans? I’d rather have him working for me than against me. “He’s highly motivated in a big way,” Titans coach Mike Munchak said of Williams. He’s served his time for crimes against football. He says he’s learned his lesson. Likewise, he knows his every move is being scrutinized. Any slip-up will bring out the critics that wanted him permanently banned from the game. Munchak insisted this move is not out of desperation. Who’s he kidding? Munchak knows this is a make-good season. If he doesn’t win in 2013, he won’t get a fourth year as head coach. As a means toward that end, the hiring of Williams makes perfect sense. Munchak and Williams know and trust each other. Williams needed a convenient landing spot to begin rehabbing his image. Munchak needed someone to help fix a floundering defense. On Thursday, Williams took over the press conference, not because he tried to but because that’s his nature.