The Golden State Warriors dominated the aging and injury-riddled San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Finals. The Dubs swept the Gregg Popovich and company to improve to 12-0 this post season and have more than a week off before the start of the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant, the biggest offseason, and most controversial acquisition of the league last summer was ruthlessly efficient without Kawhi Leonard in the Spurs lineup, as he averaged 28 points per game on 60.3/40.9/87.1 shooting split.

Durant made some waves after Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, saying fans who are upset with the tons of playoff games that have ended in blowouts this postseason just shouldn’t watch.

Durant’s play on the court is pristine, but there are still plenty that question his decision to jump ship to the Warriors. It is one of the most obvious cases of the rich getting richer in NBA history, the Warriors were the greatest regular season team in NBA history last season and added one of the best scorers in league history, still in his prime.

Durant seems like he made the right choice, but haters going to hate, including ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. Smith took this as an opportunity to come after Durant for a change in character in recent years, questioning why Durant has turned on the fans.

It’s not a ridiculous take to believe Durant’s comments disrespected NBA fans. But I’m not convinced Stephen A. would have said this if the words came out of another NBA player’s mouth, especially considering this rant turned mostly into a character assassination. I wonder how much of this is salt that the playoffs have been such a yawn, but blaming Kevin Durant for going to play in Golden State seems like a lazy complaint at this stage of things.