As Mark Teixeira continues his prescribed course of rehabilitation, he is still struggling with stiffness in his injured right wrist, and admitted that his optimistic projection for a May 1 return is now “probably not going to happen.” Teixeira has yet to make contact with a baseball. He is still swinging a fungo bat, unable to graduate to the phase involving hitting off a tee and soft toss. He indicated before Tuesday’s game he needed to build up the strength in his wrist before he could return. “I feel like I’m healed,” he said before Tuesday’s game. “I feel very comfortable that I’m healed, that there’s not going to be any problems when I come back. I do have to let it loosen up and get more functional.” He added, “It’s not loose enough to be letting it go. So we’re just going to keep doing dry swings until it loosens up. Being immobile for a month, your wrist and your hand really tighten up.” Teixeira understands his return is now delayed. He said that will not change his attitude toward the rehab. “I was optimistic as I could be,” he said. “I wished that the very first time I swung a bat I was like ‘Wow, I feel 100 percent.’ But the chances of that happening weren’t there.”