At a certain point, every NFL veteran learns that the trick to sustaining a long career is not just about about what you do but what you're made of.

Through a career-threatening injury, quarterback competitions and just the daily grind that comes with being a professional athlete, Teddy Bridgewater has put in the work to prove he's an asset for any team, which is definitely part of why the Broncos brought him to Denver.

In his eighth NFL season with his fourth team, Bridgewater understands his mindset may be just as important at this stage of his career as the talent he's shown on the field. In Denver, his fourth NFL home, it's what guides him.

"I'm a survivor, you know what I mean?" Bridgewater said. "You can throw me in the jungle and I'm gonna come out with a fur coat [and] a headband that I made out of some leaves. I feel like, man, it's just about surviving at this point. Every day I have my fire that's lit, and it's like, man, God is placing me in different positions for a reason. And I've made an impact at everywhere that I've been — some on the field, some off the field."

As he looks to make an impact with the Broncos, he'll first have to see whether he'll earn the starting role through a competition with Drew Lock during training camp. With Lock as the incumbent starter and Bridgewater as the more veteran player, Head Coach Vic Fangio has said that the team will split reps in training camp evenly at 50-50.