Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater backtracked Tuesday on his statement a week after the draft that he didn't want to play for the Browns. Bridgewater told The Dan Patrick Show May 13th that there was a chance he might go to Cleveland "but I actually told my agent that's not the place where I wanted to be. Throughout this entire process I felt comfortable with the Minnesota Vikings. Every visit that I had with the team, you know, there was a family environment and the players, great guys. A great group of guys. So I felt comfortable wanting to play here." At the NFL Rookie Symposium's Play 60 event for the NFC rookies at the Browns complex in Berea, Bridgewater said he didn't really mean it the way it came out. "I think it was misinterpreted,'' he said. "What I was saying was I had a strong feeling about the Minnesota Vikings. I was able to meet with them five or six times in the pre-draft visits. I just had a pretty solid feeling about the Minnesota Vikings, but, you know, I try to put the pre-draft stuff behind and try to just focus on my career with the Minnesota Vikings." He didn't deny saying it, just that it sounded stronger than he intended. "I said it on the air, but like I say, it was misinterpreted,'' he said. "I think I was just saying I had a solid feeling about the Minnesota Vikings and that was it.''