In his corner office Monday afternoon at Verizon Center, Ted Leonsis got up from his chair and pointed to a humongous notebook on a stand. A page was open to the Wizards' 2011-12 roster. Next to the heading "Blatche" were notes in the owner's writing: "What to do?" "I'm torn," Leonsis said during a 45-minute interview. "I believe people should have second and third chances. On the other hand, I don't know where he fits now in this lineup. He's the last, remaining touch point from the previous teams. That's what [was] being discussed and weighed. "I'm not afraid of amnestying him and paying him the money." Sometime in the next 24 hours, Leonsis, the man who wrote "The Business of Happiness," ultimately decided to pay Andray Blatche $23 million to not work for him, using the NBA's amnesty provision to effectively sever all ties to the Gilbert Arenas era in Washington. "We are all in it together — so we are all to blame," Leonsis wrote two days later in an e-mail addressing some follow-up questions I had. "Buck has to stop with me though as owner. I appreciate Andray's apology to the fans, and I hope he is able to turn around his career."