Despite the retirement of Jake Ballard, Cardinals pass-catchers figure to bring the thunder in 2014 with Pro Bowl wideout Larry Fitzgerald, up-and-coming star Michael Floyd and rookie John Brown. But a team that narrowly missed the playoffs last year at 10-6 and plays in the division with the past two NFC champs could use a spark of lightning streaking down field. Enter Ted Ginn Jr. During his first seven NFL seasons and previous experience at Ohio State, Ginn has made a name for himself as a playmaker with a slim build and Olympic track speed. Ginn began the 2007 national title game returning the opening kickoff for a touchdown, and in 2009 he took two kickoffs the distance in a single quarter against the Jets. But the 2007 first-round pick for the Miami Dolphins is done being known as a kick returner. Ginn said it's time to make a name as a wide receiver, too.