Tim Tebow said after he was cut by the Patriots that he will continue trying to be an NFL quarterback. But his stubborn insistence that he will only play quarterback and only in the NFL may make it harder for him to realize his dream. As Peter King reported on NBC on Thursday night when Tebow says he wants to continue trying to be an NFL quarterback he’s emphasizing both “NFL” and “quarterback.” Tebow has said he’s not interested in playing in the Canadian Football League nor is he interested in being on an NFL roster if it’s at a position other than quarterback. But Kurt Warner had some good advice for Tebow on the Dan Patrick Show. Warner says that it actually helped him that he got cut by the Packers where he spent time in training camp as a backup to Brett Favre and was forced to play in Arena Football and NFL Europe. Tebow says that he should see it as a blessing that he was cut by the Patriots — where he likely would have spent all season on the bench behind Tom Brady if he had made the team — and should seek out opportunities to get live game experience in the CFL or Arena Football.