The welcome party drowned out the actual festivities. Quarterback Tim Tebow arrived yesterday at Gillette Stadium to begin his employment with the Patriots, and he was greeted by enough media to make one wonder if President Obama was also joining him in town. There were so many reporters for a mid-June morning that Bill Belichick laughed as he peered around the corner before finishing a stroll to the podium for his opening news conference of minicamp. A political reporter ironically asked Belichick about the attention Tebow consistently garners. There were the inquiries of Tebow’s celebrity status, Belichick’s longstanding relationship with Tebow and former Florida coach Urban Meyer and, of course, of Belichick’s philosophical view of “Tebowing.” It was, in a word, Tebowmania. Eventually, the day evolved to the point at which football again took over. Belichick wouldn’t specifically address Tebow’s positional future, so the debate between quarterback and H-back will continue to live on, perhaps as a manner of gamesmanship for the Patriots’ 2013 opponents or maybe because Belichick genuinely doesn’t know and he’ll let Tebow’s performance dictate his standing on the depth chart. When pressed further, Belichick simply referred to the best interest of the team. Yet, Tebow hit the field strictly as a quarterback. He wore a red non-contact jersey and practiced with Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett for the duration of the two-hour session. There were no drills as the punt protector or gimmicky snaps in which Tebow pulled a rabbit out of Josh McDaniels’ hat. Then again, there wasn’t much else, either. The Patriots ran three rotations of 11-on-11 work, with Brady (completing 10-of-13 passes) leading and Mallett (4-for-9) following. Each drill ended with Tebow still on the sideline.