The Jets can thank Tim Tebow for his help in steering wide receiver David Nelson to them. Nelson said Tebow, a teammate of his at Florida, offered a glowing review of Gang Green when Nelson was shopping for a team in the preseason. “He had tremendous respect for the organization," Nelson said, according to Metro NY’s Kristian Dyer (H/T “Obviously the playing time situation, everyone wants to play, but this organization treats its players first class, and that’s what I was curious about. They take care of their players. Obviously the playing time and the schematic things (with him), that’s more about the coaches and the situation and the players. When I called him, it was more of an organization, more a locker room demeanor and presence. It was clear that he liked what the organization was about and how they treated the players.” The Jets, as most of the world knows, cut Tebow after barely using him in 2012, but, come on, you think Touchdown Timmy would badmouth anyone?