Matt Duchene probably remains the player most likely to be traded in the National Hockey League, although that’s really been the case since the summer and no deal has come to fruition yet. The general perception, whether it’s accurate or not, is that Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic has been asking significantly more than the market will bear for the 26-year-old forward. A sticking point in Duchene’s valuation from other general managers’ perspectives is that he only has this season and next year left on his deal, and no extension can be signed until July of 2018. Sakic apparently seeks quality, young team controllable assets (including a higher-end defenseman/defensive prospect) and the GM’s counterparts are hesitant to surrender such a big price since Duchene could then walk out the door in the summer of 2019. The interest in Duchene apparently remains high though, and there was another interesting trade-related nugget revealed on that front during a Thursday morning conversation on Ottawa’s TSN 1200 with NHL analyst Pierre McGuire.