Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville and general manager Stan Bowman are holding out hope that Marian Hossa's best will come out again. They think Hossa can overcome all his ailments and regain the dominant form he had at the start of the season, when he looked every bit like the two-way star he's supposed to be. Hossa returned to the Hawks' lineup Saturday against the Phoenix Coyotes after missing his 17th game of the season Friday against the Dallas Stars because of the flu. He also has missed time with vertigo and upper- and lower-body injuries. ''He's coming off different situations,'' Quenneville said. ''He's getting his game back to where we need it to be, and then something else happens. We just need him to be the top player we saw at the start of the year and give us that consistently. We're going to need it.'' Neither Quenneville nor Bowman thinks Hossa has been overwhelmed by frustration. ''We'd like to see him get on a roll, like we know he can,'' Bowman said. ''He's a dominant player. We've seen spurts of that. He's had little things here and there. .??.??. Every time he gets rolling, there's minor setbacks. We'd all like to see for him more than anything just the peace of mind to have a nice stretch where things go his way. He brings a lot to the table besides just the stat sheet. We recognize the value, and the coaches do, as well. It'd be nice to see him put together a good run.''