It's difficult to tell whether Daniel Alfredsson is planning to return for a 17th season with the Ottawa Senators. Right now, though, the team captain is having fun. He has had a remarkable and memorable season, if not just for the way he was celebrated by Ottawa and the hockey world during the all-star weekend. Senators centre Jason Spezza likes to say that the best way to convince Alfredsson to return for the 2012-13 campaign is to keep winning, to which Alfredsson responds, "Of course." It's a little more complicated than that, though. Even if Alfredsson, who turns 40 on Dec. 11, feels fine and can practise and skate without the need to take days off for "maintenance," it's not just about him. "The three major factors," he said, "are do I feel I still have it within me to play, to go through another summer of workouts and training camp and playing another year, then health-wise, then family.