As linked to by Detroit Bad Boys, Grizzlies forward Tayshaun Prince when on the Chris Vernon Show in Memphis to talk about life after his trade to Memphis from the Detroit Pistons. Prince admits that he was "shocked" by his trade to the Grizzlies, because it happened 45 minutes before the Pistons played the Pacers in Indiana, and because he'd been in Detroit for so long — he said he thought he "would know something was coming". Of special note to Griz fans might be this bit at the end about what he thinks of the Grizzlies squad on which he finds himself: Yes, it’s well built for the playoffs. When I first walked in this locker room I could see the chemistry that these guys have. I know that these guys were disappointed in the trade because when you have a team that is well built and has played together for so long, that’s what makes your chemistry stronger and stronger as you continue to progress and get better. At the same time, when the trade happened it takes a while for chemistry to build. What’s important is to build that as quickly as we can, which is a difficult task but we have a lot of guys in that locker room that have been there and know what the experience is about. Me and Tony Allen talk about it a lot as far as teams we’ve been on before we got here, so we try to provide as much knowledge as we can and hopefully it helps.