Taylor Hall has been struggling sophomore, so he knows that Nail Yakupov’s troubles aren’t the end of the world. “Everyone goes through phases,” said Hall. “Last year he had a great year. This year he’s struggled a bit but at the same time it’s not like he’s not giving an effort and it’s not like he doesn’t try. It’s what, his 65th game? I was at the end of my rookie year after 65 games and I’m still learning the game. For a young player to be judged after 60 games I don’t really think that’s too fair. “He’s got a lot of skill, he’s got everything that’s there to be a great player, it’s just taking a little time.” Hall says Yakupov had a little more “leeway” under Ralph Krueger than he has under Dallas Eakins and is simply struggling to adjust. “It’s not a bad thing,” he said of the change in philosophy. “Ralph really took a liking to a young European player and Dallas, I think, is trying to get him to play the right way. When those two things kind of mesh a little bit that’s when you’re going to see the player that he can be