There was no way Taylor Hall was readily going to accept a four-week absence from the Edmonton Oilers lineup. So it should come as no surprise that the winger is back on the ice, in a brace, and eyeing a return during the team’s upcoming four-game road trip that starts Tuesday against the Florida Panthers. Hall, who left the lineup on Oct. 19 with a second degree tear to his medial collateral ligament, said he’s started to feel like he’s making progress with the injury over the course of the last few days. “There’s no way I’m not going to play my first game for a couple of weeks,” he said Saturday. “Hopefully I keep progressing. I’ll probably have to wear the brace for the rest of the year but I don’t even feel it.” Hall has never had a knee injury but has been told he’s in the best case scenario given where the injury occurred. He’ll practice with the team on Monday. “The only thing I’ve been doing with the team, except for today, was eat the pre-game meal. It’s weird being hurt. You go work out every day by yourself . . . you just don’t feel like you’re on the team. But now I’ll be skating with them.” Also nearing a return is winger Jesse Joensuu, who hasn’t played since Oct. 14 because of a torn back muscle. He’s been skating for the last week but was out with the team for the first time on Saturday.