Ryan Tannehill and Robert Quinn seemed to be the Dolphins’ two biggest no-brainer cuts as free agency began.

Neither lived up to their big contracts in 2018, and both carried huge cap numbers in 2019 ($26.6 million for Tannehill, $12.9 million for Quinn).

And yet, as the sun dawned on the second day of free agency, both were still on the roster.

Now, there’s a reasonable explanation as to why Tannehill remains with the team: The Dolphins don’t have a starting quarterback.

Negotiations with Teddy Bridgewater continue, but there’s not guarantee he signs in Miami. The remaining options — Blake Bortles, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brock Osweiler — are unappealing.

An argument can be made that Tannehill is the best of the remaining bunch, and if the Dolphins can get him to renegotiate his salary so that it’s more in line with his abilities, it could almost make sense. The Dolphins have plenty of time to decide on Tannehill; he has no salary guarantees until the start of the regular season.