As the Miami Dolphins return to the field following their bye week fans have a lot of expectations for the team. Changes to the pass protection improvement in the running game getting back to stuffing the run and getting after opposing quarterbacks wide receivers eliminating drops. There really are a lot of things this team needs to do better and things the fans want to see. One of those is the return of the deep ball. The Dolphins signed wide receiver Mike Wallace this offseason to provide the deep threat needed for quarterback Ryan Tannehill. The team would now have the ability to open up the playbook and attack opponents. Except after five games the deep ball has been a rarity for the team. Could changes be on the way however? Asked what the one part of the passing game he wants to see get better over the final 11 weeks of the season Tannehill told the media yesterday "We'd like to hit a few more down the field shots we've been really close at it a few times and we feel like if we hit a couple of those we're right where we want to be."