It's the stuffed wild boar's head mounted on the side of Luke Scott's locker that garners most of the attention, especially on days when Scott brings his Zulu spear to the ballpark. But there was another item Scott pulled from his duffel bag the morning he reported to Rays camp that was somewhat overlooked yet just as out of place in that setting — a three-foot-long two-by-four. Scott gripped it and slowly swung it at an imaginary baseball the way he would a baseball bat. In fact, the piece of wood served as a bat during the offseason, a tool used to prevent Scott from turning over his wrists while reaching for a curveball or change-up. Former big-league outfielder Orlando Palmeiro, a teammate of Scott's in Houston in 2005 and '06, introduced Scott to the drill of hitting balls off a tee with the two-by-four. At first Scott said he didn't know how it would help, but, since he said he's open to new ideas, he gave it a try.