And now, Rays fans, for his next trick, he'll draw back his bow and shoot the stadium lease out of Bill Foster's hand. Miracles never ceased for Rodney Hood in 2012, so why not something new? It was early morning in the Rays spring training clubhouse. A rooster was crowing, long and loud. This kept on, and on, until Rays reliever Joel Peralta turned to his friend and told him, in two languages, to cease and desist. "I'm doing an interview," Peralta said. Fernando Rodney smiled. The Rays closer stopped doing his rooster imitation, eventually. A day earlier, Peralta and Rodney were signing in the clubhouse, then dancing _ Rodney led. He leaves Monday to pitch for the Dominican Republic at the World Baseball Classic. All the world's a stage … cock-a-doodle-do. "What else is there to do but be happy?" Rodney asked. The happy man would be happier still if the Rays give him a new contract. But that goes away as Rodney walks to the practice fields. He'll a young girl behind the fence, and later a father and son, and they're all drawing back imaginary bows. "I feel these fans, there's something in their heart they like about me," Rodney said.