Of the more than 30 tattoos Ryan Roberts has decorated his body with, only one is related to the game he plays for a living and Roberts admits that one is a rather generic piece of body art. "Just a couple of bats and a ball, nothing real special,'' the Rays infielder said. "But the next one I get (that is baseball related), that's going to be for something special -- like winning the World Series.'' Roberts believes he could win that World Series with the Rays, which is why he is willing to do whatever manager Joe Maddon asks of him, whether it's playing in the infield, the outfield or even behind the plate. "It's nothing new to me,'' Roberts said of the super utility role he has slowly morphed into the last six years. "I figured out a long time ago, the more you can do the more you can help your team win.'' This is not the baseball dream Roberts dreamed, of course. He grew up playing shortstop and stayed there through his junior year in college. A year later, though, he moved to third. He has played shortstop just once since making it to the big leagues with the Blue Jays in 2009 while playing 208 games at second base, 149 at third, 35 in left field and one in right field. Roberts believes the experience he's gained playing so many positions has made him a better player, and there is little doubt that, at least in the eyes of Rays manager Joe Maddon, it has made him a more valuable one. Roberts is one of many super utility players on the Rays roster, and Maddon considers each to be as important to the Rays cause as a starting pitcher or position player.