Steven Stamkos scores goals. A lot of them. No player has come close to the scoring prowess of the Tampa Bay Lightning all-star, who has scored 165 goals since the start of the 2009-10 season, 40 more than the closest player during that span, Washington's Alex Ovechkin. The team's success in the win column often correlates with Stamkos' offensive production. This season, the Lightning are 5-2 when Stamkos scores a goal, 2-4-1 when he does not. When those elements go hand-in-hand, especially during the team's recent six-game winless streak when Stamkos had zero goals and just two points in a five-game stretch, the 23-year-old takes it personally. "I expect a lot of myself and my teammates expect a lot and that's definitely something that I have to produce more often to give our team the chance to win,'' Stamkos said. "It just (stinks) that you have to go through it when the team is not playing well and you think that there's probably some sort of correlation there for me. I know I have to produce and I'm definitely putting pressure on myself to do that.''