By now you have retraced every footstep he took on the road to nowhere. You know about the detours, and you know about the obstacles in the road. Eleven starts and already Knicks guard Jeremy Lin has his own mania. With every point, and with every pun, the legend swells. He is twice as big as he was last week and a hundred times what he was three weeks ago. As quickly as a flashbulb flashes, Lin has become the hottest story in sports. He is talented, and we love that about him. He is humble, and we love that, too. The league never saw him coming, and we really love that. Lin has become one of those unexpected delights that sports offers us from time to time. A little more than three weeks ago, Lin was just another guy on another bench, and if he had been cut for a third time, no one would have paid much attention. These days he has crammed a lot of stardom into February, and his story is well-known. How two teams cut him. How the major colleges didn't want him. How his story has inspired others. When it comes to Lin, the last remaining question for fans across the country is how they can obtain such a player for their teams. Except here, of course. Here, we have seen this story before.