The dollars and sense might say David Wright is close to securing potentially the largest contract in Mets history, but not so fast says the All-Star third baseman's camp. After weeks of public silence, Wright and his agent Seth Levinson emerged Tuesday night with the mission of dispelling the notion an agreement between the Mets and Wright is near. This after sources indicated the Mets have offered Wright an extension that would keep him signed through 2020 and potentially surpass, in terms of overall dollars, the $137.5 million contract Johan Santana received from the Mets before the 2008 season. "We don't anticipate a deal any time soon," Levinson told the website MLB Trade Rumors, adding that discussions with the Mets were ongoing. Wright told the website he was disappointed with "inaccuracies" that had been reported. "I wish I could elaborate, but it was important to me from the very beginning that these negotiations remain confidential and private," Wright said in an email to The Post. "I plan on sticking to that." According to an industry source with knowledge of the negotiations, deferred money is an issue. So the $119 million-129 million the Mets are willing to pay Wright for seven years (making the deal $135M-$145M counting the 2013 season) beginning in 2014 could translate into significantly less in present-day dollars, depending upon how much is deferred. The Mets' initial offer to Wright was six years and $100 million, but the team increased both the length of contract and dollar amount in recent days. The source said Santana's franchise record $137.5 million deal is a "benchmark" Wright and his agents are clearly pursuing. Carlos Beltran ($119 million) is the only Mets player other than Santana to have landed a nine-figure contract. The latest offer from the Mets would take Wright to the precipice of his 38th birthday and allow him to finish his career in the only major league uniform he has known.