The Danny Granger story had no new developments, at least none that were publicly shared at the Sixers' practice Tuesday. According to the Sixers' public relations department, talks are ongoing between Granger’s camp and the Sixers' front office. It is presumed that Granger wants a buyout from the Sixers because he has passed his physical but has yet to join his new team. Sticking points could be the price of the buyout and the Sixers' ability to work a sign-and-trade. A buyout also prevents Granger from keeping his Bird rights, which allows a team to keep its own player while going over the salary cap. Those rights would be attractive to the Sixers in a potential sign-and-trade scenario this summer, and could also result in more money for Granger. If Granger has plans to pursue a contract with another team for the remainder of the season, he needs to watch the clock. The NBA’s playoff eligibility waiver deadline is March 1st. The thinking is Granger would like to join a team that will be playing beyond April 16.