Tommy Tuberville remembers the positive things LaAdrian Waddle did in games when he coached the offensive tackle at Texas Tech. But what stuck out the most is how Waddle performed in practices. As with pretty much every football program, Tuberville — who had many stops along his college coaching career and is now an ESPN analyst — wanted to make practices as competitive as possible in order to create a hierarchy for playing time. And, in those situations, Waddle, now a tackle with the Patriots, shined his brightest. “He’s got a mean streak in him,” Tuberville said. “And (offensive linemen) all have to have that. . . . The defensive ends and stuff, they didn’t really like going against him because he would go to the extreme. He’d try to pin one on the ground. We always had a few fisticuffs and all those things. “We had some pretty good defensive ends. And it was offensive line vs. defensive line, coaches vs. coaches, and you want to win every damn practice because it was full live in pass rushing. And a lot of our guys shied away from going against Waddle because he’d get his mitts on you, you’re going to have a tough time.” According to Waddle, that desire to wear his game face in practice never waned. And after right tackle Marcus Cannon went down with an ankle injury, Waddle knows that approach helped the Pats coaching staff look to him to assume the starting role over the last two games, and again today vs. Miami.