The 2021 draft is coming. Our one, and only one, mock draft is coming. Eventually.

For now, let’s take a look at how the first 10 picks may go, based on things we’re hearing and various reports and rumors and other information making the rounds only 16 days from the launch of round one.

No. 1, Jaguars: They’ll surely take quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

No. 2, Jets: They’ll most likely take quarterback Zach Wilson. If they don’t, they’ve made no effort to push back against the presumption that Wilson is the guy. Which will set the stage for a P.R. nightmare if the pick ultimately is, for example, Justin Fields.

No. 3, 49ers: They essentially control the board, and they have no reason to be coy. Some think they’re embracing the mystery, if for no reason other than to enjoy the attention to the brand that comes from it. Others think they’re doing their due diligence. Regardless, they’ve made a huge investment (three ones and a three) for one player; presumably, they had a good idea who the player would be before making the move. Many think that quarterback Mac Jones will be the pick. Others think it will be quarterback Trey Lance or quarterback Justin Fields. Regardless, it will be a quarterback.

No. 4, Falcons: Here’s where it gets interesting. The Falcons could go with a quarterback, they could take the first non-quarterback off the board, or they could trade down. They’re sending signals that they’re looking at a quarterback, but that’s possibly to get maximum value for the pick if/when they trade.