It's not often that Orioles catcher Matt Wieters loses his cool. But after the Orioles fell behind 8-1 in the fifth inning of their 8-6 loss to the Blue Jays Tuesday night at the Rogers Centre, he felt he had to speak his mind to home plate umpire Doug Eddings. He expressed his displeasure with the way Eddings was calling balls and strikes, obviously an easy way to get rung up. And that's what happened to Wieters, who was quickly ejected for the first time in his career. Manager Buck Showalter had to rush out to put himself between Eddings and Wieters. "It was something I felt that inning we threw some good pitches and they didn't get called strikes and some pitches that had been getting called strikes earlier in the game," Wieters said. "He gave me plenty of rope. That's clear. You can't argue balls and strikes. It's something where I knew I might be gone there but I had to say my piece."