You might have heard about this guy who last week tied the NCAA single-game record for assists. Yeah, Trae Young is not only in the midst of producing an unprecedented freshman season in the modern era of college basketball, he's also a legitimate threat to win national Freshman of the Week every time from here on out. The Frosh Watch has been going for a half-decade on, and nobody has been as lethal, offensively, as Young. What a joy. Trae Young, Oklahoma Young's 22-assist game vs. Northwestern State will go down as one of the signature moments of his college career -- if he doesn't break that record. And we know that it's possible. Young is the runaway choice for FOTW following Oklahoma's improvement to 10-1 and a jump to No. 12 in the polls. Young averaged 28.5 points, 17.0 assists and 3.0 rebounds last week. He was 9-of-16 (56 percent) from the field combined vs. Northwestern and Northwestern State. (As an aside: Has any team played Northwestern and Northwestern State in consecutive games, and in the same week?) I've been telling you for a month that Young is must-see college hoops TV. Now I think we've arrived at the point where he's the one player in basketball -- yes, including the NBA -- that you have to make the time to see over all others. Sure the pros are awesome and physical wonders, but Young is fresh, dynamic and doing something at the college level we have not seen. He's Hamilton on the hardwood, and he's got reporters asking NBA stars about him.