Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim criticized a reporter during his post-game press conference Wednesday night.

Boeheim, coming off a 64-54 win over Clemson, was asked a harmless question by The Athletic's Matthew Gutierrez about the defensive development of players Quincy Guerrier and Alan Griffin. Boeheim started with a typical response, and then delved into insults.

Here is the exchange:

Gutierrez: "Hey Jim, just wanted to ask you on Quincy and Alan, if you could expand a little bit on their defensive growth. Especially in the last couple of games, and what Quincy and Alan have been able to do as defensive guys on the wing. It seems like they've balanced getting out to shooters ...."

Boeheim: "I think they're getting better, they still make some mistakes and that's normal. But I think they're getting better, I think our guards are rotating really well. Our guards did an unbelievable job tonight. They were the key. They got to the shooters. They got right to the shooters from the very beginning, didn't let them get comfortable. ... I think our whole team has gotten better, but it hasn't been as good as we needed it all year. But I think we have gotten better as a team. I think it's hard to go 9-7 in this league. This is a difficult league. Very difficult. I think these guys have done a great job this year."