Syracuse University women’s basketball coach Quentin Hillsman has resigned, according to a statement published on the school’s website.

The statement said that Syracuse athletic director John Wildhack has accepted the resignation and will announce interim leadership in the coming days.

Hillsman was accused of inappropriate conduct and bullying in an article by The Athletic, and the school has hired a law firm to conduct an investigation into the accusations. The statement said that the investigation is continuing and that the school will address the issues brought up once it has concluded.

Hillsman, 50, had been attending workouts by players as recently as 10 days ago, according to photos published on the team’s social media account.

His last announced contract extension announced by the school ran through 2024. He was the sixth-highest paid employee at SU in 2019, the last year that information is publicly available, making $860,348 in total compensation.

The Syracuse women’s basketball program has experienced one of the highest transfer rates in the country over the past few years, capped by 12 players transferring from the program after last season. That group included Kamilla Cardoso, the highest-ranked recruit in program history, who transferred to South Carolina after a promising freshman season.