Following Monday night's game against the Phoenix Coyotes — in which the Vancouver Canucks produced six shots on goal between the first and third periods — Daniel Sedin was asked if the NHL is being dragged slowly but surely back to the dead-puck era. He paused for a moment. Dead-puck era, he asked? Yes, answered his interrogator. Dead-puck. You know. No goals. No offence. Neutral zone clogged like a fat guy's arteries. Jacques Lemaire. Oh, said the Canucks winger. Right. He then launched into an answer which suggests he's familiar with the concept. "For sure," Sedin said. "You look at every game now in the Western Conference. They're extremely tight and there aren't a lot of scoring chances. It's been going on for a few years actually, but especially this year. There are a lot of these kinds of games. That's what people have to realize. It's not like it was two or three years ago."