Greg Monroe’s impending free agency was a topic of conversation during Stan Van Gundy’s introduction a few weeks ago as Pistons coach and president of basketball operations, and nothing changed when he introduced his new general manager Jeff Bower behind the Courtside Club at The Palace Wednesday. The clock is ticking, and on Monroe’s 24th birthday, his first big decision as a professional will come soon, when he’s free to negotiate with the Pistons and other teams on his next contract. Van Gundy has met with Monroe and his agent, David Falk, in person already, in anticipation of what’s to come on July 1, when the fourth-year player hits the market. “I value Greg Monroe highly, yes, I do want him here,” Van Gundy said. “But … when you’re dealing with free agents, even restricted free agents, the situation gets more complicated.” Monroe’s restricted status puts the Pistons in the driver’s seat. If he chooses to sign an offer sheet with a suitor, like the Washington Wizards or Atlanta Hawks, two teams likely to make a strong move in his direction this summer, the Pistons will have three days to match the offer or let him walk. Falk is a master negotiator, and with this being Van Gundy’s first rodeo as team president, he’s making sure to enlist Bower in the talks. “Probably late next week we’ll circle back and continue the process, get Jeff a chance to get up to speed because I don’t want to go this one alone,” Van Gundy said. “He’s got a lot of experience. This will help us a great deal.” Falk represents Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert, and when the two sides reached an impasse a few summers ago, Falk got the Portland Trail Blazers to sign Hibbert to a maximum offer sheet.