More than three months after being ousted from his role as Tennessee’s athletic director, John Currie remains suspended with pay while the university works toward a resolution. University spokesman Ryan Robinson confirmed that Currie continues to be paid under the terms of his contract. Robinson said there has been no change in Currie’s status since Chancellor Beverly Davenport wrote in a Dec. 1 letter to Currie’s replacement, Phillip Fulmer, that Currie was being placed on paid suspension “pending an investigation or decision relating to termination” of Currie’s employment for cause. Asked about Currie's ongoing situation, Fulmer said: "That was before me, and that's something I can't concern myself with." How will it end? The most likely resolution, according to one national expert on NCAA matters, is that Currie and UT will reach a settlement that would amount to less than the buyout Currie would be owed if he were to be fired without cause.