Kobe and LeBron are ready to come in from the cold. We'll get to their real names in a minute, but first they'd like to make a statement: "We want to apologize to the NFL and the city of New Orleans. We did not set out to embarrass anyone." That was Joseph Christian Roberts, a/k/a LeBron. He and his buddy Malachi Youngblood, a/k/a Kobe, had the nerve to do what millions only fantasize. They crashed Super Bowl XLVII. With no tickets, they waltzed right in like they owned the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. What's worse, at least for a red-faced NFL, is Roberts and Youngblood captured it all on a self-narrated video. They identified themselves only as Kobe and LeBron and be-bopped their way into a Level One national security event. It seemed funny at the time, but now they're worried. The video has gone viral. Kobe and LeBron are catching undeserved grief.