Scott Boras, baseball's best and most powerful agent, made his annual appearance at the GM meetings in Orlando on Wednesday. And, as always, he talked up his free-agent clients like Eric Hosmer. To wit Boras also took a moment to make sure everyone knew his thoughts on the Marlins and their current predicament. The Marlins, who were officially sold to the Bruce Sherman/Derek Jeter led ownership group a few weeks, are looking to slash payroll, and have been shopping superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton in an effort to make it happen. Boras doesn't like that. Here's what Boras told reporters, including Bob Nightengale of USA Today: "When you're looking at building a market and you have an All-Star outfield with all he dynamics,'' Boras said, "and you have a club being purchased at $1.2 billion, what happens is that you got a marketplace saying the new owners are coming in here and saying they're making the franchise better. We're excited. And then where we are now creating a plan where we are not going to win five or six years.