This game is known as being part of the "Gilbert Arenas Revenge Tour" when he decided to punish anyone and everyone remotely associated with leaving him off the Team USA roster. Suns coach Mike D'Antoni was an assistant coach for the Americans (the basketball team, not the incredibly awesome FX spy show), and in typical Mustache Mike fashion quipped that Gilbert was going to next destroy Duke to get revenge on Coach K. Arenas had 54 points in the game, including a ridiculous banked in dager three in overtime. But as you watch this extended highlight clip of the game, note how incredible Nash and Marion played off each other. Steve was at the height of his powers (he had 42 points, 12 assists and shot 56% from the field) and Shawn was just so, so good. Trix finished with 28 points and 13 rebounds. The clip even features a fantastic "out of his area" rebound by Amare. The final score after 53 minutes was 144-139. It's hard to even imagine what happened Tuesday night in Phoenix is the same sport, let alone the same franchise.