Marcus and Markieff Morris affectionately known around these parts as the Morrii are fighting for their place on the Phoenix Suns this season but both know they are also looking for their long-term fit on the team. The Phoenix Suns have until the end of October to decide on their 2014-15 options. The Morris brothers Markieff and Marcus are eagerly anticipating the Phoenix Suns decision on picking up their fourth year options due by October 31. Or they should be anyway. Knowing the Morrises they likely are more worried about how many minutes they get this season because they assume the pickup of their options is a "no-brainer". Yet it's not that simple. The brothers despite being identical twins play different positions on the court but often put coaches at odds on how to play them together because their skill sets overlap to an extent. Markieff Morris at 6'10" and 245 pounds is a power forward who has shown flashes of a midrange and long range shooting stroke but lately has played much more in the post. He often played out of position at center last season when either Jermaine O'Neal and/or Marcin Gortat missed time due to injury. This season he figures to play exclusively at the power forward spot since the Suns will have at least three pure centers on opening night. Marcus Morris at 6'9" and 235 pounds is a tweener who can play anywhere on the wing. He calls himself a basketball player who can do it all offensively - score dribble shoot - and defensively. Miles Plumlee spoke glowingly of Marcus' ability to defend anyone from power forward to shooting guard when they played pickup in September. Therein lies the rub. Marcus can play more than one position but the NBA is league of specialists. Only a chosen few who transcend the game are allowed to play multiple positions in the same contest while the team and the rotation is built around them. Everyone else leaves the coaching staff scratching their heads looking for the "best" position for each player.