With reports that the #1 overall pick John Wall is about to agree to a maximum extension of $80 million over five years the contracts will start to flow between now and October 31 for the deserving of the 2010 Draft Class. The 2010 Draft was nothing like the 2003 Draft for example but there are some very good players up for extensions. One of those players is the Phoenix Suns recently acquired combo guard Eric Bledsoe taken 18th overall in the 2010 Draft. From July 1 to October 31 Bledsoe and all the other 2010 Draftees are eligible for extensions that tack onto the end of their rookie contracts in time for the 2014-15 season (one year from now). How will those extensions play out? Let's look at the first (and only) two offseasons after the signing of the current CBA in December 2011.