Suns center Marcin Gortat's All-Star stage came Friday and Sunday nights. Gortat will be back in Orlando during the All-Star break only because he still has a home there from his playing days. Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum will be the Western Conference's starting center there, turning the Suns' consecutive weekend games against the Lakers into a proving ground for Gortat. Gortat posted 42 points and 31 rebounds, his best two-game tally of the season, against Bynum's 33 points and 24 rebounds in the two games. "I like to play against Bynum because I'm the underdog," Gortat said. "I'm the weaker guy. I'm supposed to be crushed. I feel like there's a challenge for me. I'm playing against a true center who is a 7-2 guy with a 7-9 wingspan. That's huge. If you have a big game against him, you're basically proving that you're a guy who can play in this league at a high level."