Suns center Marcin Gortat would like a chance to suit up, enter a game and say goodbye to fans … for this season, not forever. Gortat has a remaining contract year for $7.8 million, although there is no guarantee that next season’s highest-paid Suns player will return. There was great confusion about whether Gortat would return this season since suffering a right foot sprain March 7 and some of that still exists even after his walking boot was removed Thursday. Gortat took shots but backed off last week’s statement about returning to play two or three games. “It feels really weird,” Gortat said. “It’s going to be a long process again. I have to learn to walk. I’m limping on my one leg. Basically, I don’t have muscles in my one leg. “I would like to definitely step on the court and say goodbye to the fans. The perfect occasion maybe would be the Houston game at home, the last game at home. Just step on the court, take one last jump shot and leave. That would be a great thing for me but we’ll see.”