Since his trade request a few weeks ago, Thaddeus Young has played like an absolute stud. Add in 30 efficient points last night in a win over Portland, and you've got 185 points on 129 shots over his last 7 games -- 26.4 efficient points a night. But as much as he's played like it lately, Thad's not a superstar, and with his chance to opt out after next season, it may be best to get something for him lest he walks before the Sixers are contending. Enter: the Phoenix Suns. Phoenix has been a tremendously entertaining and surprising team this season, sitting at 20-12 on the year, 7th in the tough, tough Western Conference. They've already said they'd be willing to move one of their picks for an impact player this year. Thad would certainly qualify as an impact player -- especially for a team that likes to run (Phoenix) and a team that struggles to defend the pick-and-roll (Phoenix!). In terms of pick specifics -- specipicks, if you will -- this year, they have three protected first rounders in addition to their own. Minnesota's (1-13), which could go either way, Washington (1-12), which seems a bit more likely to clear, and Indiana (1-14), a definite. They've also got the Lakers pick in 2015, protected in the Top 5.