Talk of the 2013 NBA Draft as being weak and short on talent is falling on deaf ears among those in the Suns' basketball operations department. After hosting nine potential lottery draft prospects over a 48-hour period Wednesday and Thursday, the Suns see the No. 5 overall pick as holding greater value than perhaps even they expected. "It's a good problem to have," GM Ryan McDonough said. "The issue for me might be too many good choices rather than not enough at five." The solution: Acquiring an additional selection in the first round. The Suns' first-year general manager has explored the possibility. "We've talked to a few teams about getting in the draft at different ranges," McDonough said following a non-lottery prospect pre-draft workout Friday. "We have good assets, I think, to do that. We have to evaluate all these guys, figure out where they are going to go; and then if we can get in at a particular range, where we think a guy is undervalued, we'll try to get in and get him there. "As usual, there's a lot of discussion right now with different teams around the league, but nobody really wants to make a deal until we get closer to the draft and you figure out where guys are going to go." Currently, the Suns own two first round picks. Besides No. 5, they have the final pick of the opening round, the 30th overall selection, acquired in the trade that sent Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers.