Goran Dragic is learning, day by day, that sharing your space with a newcomer requires patience and the willingness to adjust. But is the Suns' point guard completely comfortable with this arrangement? “No,” Dragic said after scoring 31 points in Wednesday night’s 120-106 victory over the Trail Blazers. For the record, he wasn’t referring to the process of adjusting his game to accommodate first-year teammate Eric Bledsoe. The adjustment in question was working on reduced sleep after becoming a first-time father earlier this month. And now that Mateo has joined Dragic and wife Maja, a lack of rest can seem more difficult to deal with than a lot of opposing point guards he’s managed to shred. “They sleep all day and they are awake all night,” the Dragon -- basing his assessment on Mateo’s sleep habits -- said in regard to infant slumber. “But I love it ... he’s great.” Well, right back at you, Goran. Although "great" may be stretching things a bit, the lefty from Slovenia has been pretty salty during a six-game stretch working without the aforementioned Bledsoe. During that span, Dragic has averaged 20.5 points (shooting 49 percent overall and 42 percent from 3-point range), a tick under nine assists, four rebounds and three turnovers. While helping end Portland’s 11-game winning streak, he poured in 31 points and handed out 10 assists. “Goran gave us a lift when things weren’t going great,” Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said. “He made some big shots for us and kept us in the game.” And once the Suns had control of the game, Dragic made sure the pace remained in his team’s favor. “Like Jeff said, every time we look at the tape when we play in the half court, we have problems,” Dragic said. “We don’t run the actions so well and we have a lot of isolations. But when we run, we get those easy open 3s and easy layups, and I think everyone wants to play like that.” But playing like that takes a lot of energy, and having energy requires sufficient sleep for recovery.