Just four weeks away from training camp for the 2013-14 season Channing Frye is waiting with bated breath to find out his future in basketball. Apparently that decision is coming very soon. The Phoenix Suns announced Frye's enlarged heart on September 20 2012 discovered during a routine preseason physical by the Suns team cardiologist. Frye was immediately told to stop any form of exercise that would raise his heart rate and that he would be evaluated again in December but that his season was over. "Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our players" said Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. "Channing and his family have the full support of our organization. His health is our primary concern and we are committed to helping him in any way he needs." "The good news is it is a virus so it does have a good chance of going away" Frye said in a Coro article on azcentral.com. "My heart can be normal again." Frye will not participate in any basketball activities and his progress will be re-evaluated in December. He said he would rest for six months confining his activities to golf and yoga. Jim covered the press conference in which the Suns discussed Frye's condition and his prognosis for recovery. "There is a lot of pressure in this job and in this business" Lon Babby said at the time. "There is no pressure in these circumstances." "Any time an athlete hears something about your heart" Frye said about being cautious. "Like I said yesterday it's not a knee it's not a shoulder you know it's not your foot. It's not something that they can say well this is gonna get better if you do A B C and D. This is something that's internal and we just have to wait and see."