The Detroit Pistons, once again, let the NBA trade deadline pass without making a deal. But for the first time in years, that’s not a huge disappointment. Once the Pistons traded Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye for Jose Calderon a few weeks ago, another trade seemed unlikely, in part, because that trade already advanced the franchise significantly. Calderon arrived too late to make a difference this year – the Pistons will miss the playoffs for a fourth straight season, their longest post-season drought in 30 years – but his expiring contract might mean a bigger difference in the seasons to come. By standing pat Thursday, the Pistons confirmed their arc. They’re heading into this summer – the Summer of Truth – with everything to prove and the assets to make nearly anything happen. The Pistons committed themselves to this summer when they sent a first-round pick to the Charlotte Bobcats just to rid themselves of Ben Gordon’s contract a year earlier. They upped the ante by dumping Prince’s long-term contract, and they called any raises by silently letting the trade deadline pass. Joe Dumars’ critics still point to his flubbed rebuild in the summer of 2009, and his supporters blame Karen Davidson’s sale of the team for interfering with Dumars’ plan. The truth lies somewhere between with Dumars’ reputation hanging in the balance. He’ll have a tremendous chance to prove himself during the Summer of Truth.