Ndamukong Suh seems like a bright businessman. He occasionally hangs out with billionaire investor Warren Buffett in the off-season. He has built a personal brand immune to — or perhaps with the help of — some minor on- and off-field troubles. His post-football career appears well thought out. And maybe this is Business 101. Deadlines spur deals, after all, and for Suh and the Detroit Lions, there’s no more pressing deadline then the start of free agency 4 p.m. March 11. That’s when the Lions hope to have Suh signed to a new, long-term contract, which would lock up the game’s best defensive tackle and should give them enough salary cap room to accomplish what they need in free agency: sign a starter or two, like last year. The NFL combine kicks off this week, and every coach, general manager and agent will be in Indianapolis. Along with the obvious weighing, measuring and interviewing of draft prospects, this is where league business gets done. Teams meet with player reps over lunch or dinner or a 10-minute cup of coffee to express their interest in joining forces this fall and beyond — or at least until a younger, cheaper options come around. Firm contract offers aren’t usually made here. Technically, that would be tampering if the player is currently with another team, and teams don’t want their deals shopped around three weeks before the start of free agency anyway. The Lions will meet with the reps for most if not all of their free agents this week, and they’d like to sit down with Suh’s contract advisers as well. The only problem is, as of Tuesday, Suh still hadn’t officially signed with an agent — or if he had, no one told the Lions. Suh has been linked to music mogul Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency since he fired his former agents last month. For marketing purposes, at least, that marriage appears set. Suh reportedly attended several Jay Z concerts in recent months, and according to Vibe magazine, Jay Z wore Suh’s black Nebraska No. 93 jersey when he played a concert at Suh’s alma mater in December. But who negotiates Suh’s contract is still a mystery at this point, albeit one that everyone expects to be solved soon.