Thirty-one days ago, if someone had asked you the question — “Say, what do you suppose the Knicks’ record will be in March?” — and if you had replied thusly to that question — “Why, I believe they’ll win 12 and lose six!” — there would have been only three options for you: 1) Permanent membership in the Optimists Club. 2) Prescription eyewear of the rose-colored variety. 3) Glassware that is eternally half full. Except ... well, it’s March. Funny things happen in March. Wichita State is going to the Final Four. Baylor and Brittney Griner lost in the Sweet 16, which would have been akin to UCLA and Lew Alcindor getting knocked off by Pacific back in the day. Vernon Wells is a Yankee. Darrelle Revis is still a Jet. Funny, funny things. And so when the Knicks splattered the Celtics at the Garden last night, drilling them 108-89 to win their eighth straight game, that is exactly what happened: They finished the month 12-6. Eighteen games in 31 days was supposed to be a killer. And when Knicks started dropping like duckpins, there was no telling how bad it could get. I even seem to remember a wise scribe or two invoking the nautical wisdom of Micheal Ray Richardson, and his belief in the buoyancy of a basketball team ... “It’s huge,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said later on. “It makes me believe we are committed as a unit. We knew it’d be a tough month, but we’re playing like we’ve got something to accomplish. It was a great month.” He paused. Smiled. “Now,” he said, “we gotta figure out April.”