Now that it's May, enough time has passed in the 2022 Major League Baseball season to accept some early trends as absolute truths and adjust expectations accordingly.

So, here are seven outrageous predictions that might just come true.

In putting these predictions together, we wanted to avoid lay-ups. We were only interested in outcomes that rarely (if ever) happen. We're not 100 percent confident that these things will actually go down, yet we've nonetheless chosen to trust in whatever tea leaves that, in proper Lloyd Christmas fashion, say there's a chance.

Take us away, Josh Hader.


60 Saves for Josh Hader

Francisco Rodriguez's 62-save season in 2008 remains the only 60-save season in major league history. Only four years ago, however, Edwin Diaz came close with 57 saves for the Seattle Mariners.

There's therefore hope for Jordan Romano—and especially for Hader.

While Romano has already saved 11 games, he's appeared in 13 of the Toronto Blue Jays' 24 games. That workload isn't sustainable, and the same may be true of the good fortune Romano has enjoyed.

Hader, meanwhile, is the first pitcher to go 10-for-10 in save opportunities to start a season since Jose Mesa in 2005. The Milwaukee Brewers left-hander has pitched 9.1 innings and struck out 15 batters with only two hits, four walks and zero runs allowed.

In keeping with the theme of his recent seasons, the 28-year-old has succeeded with his slider. Its 68.4 whiff rate is the best in the game, and that largely stems from how he continues to use it in perfect harmony with his fastball.

If Hader is going to join K-Rod in the 60-Save Club, he will almost certainly have to surpass his career high of 61 appearances from 2019. To wit, Rodriguez appeared in 76 games for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in '08.

A given? Not exactly. But whereas Hader used to be a multiframe fireman in his first three seasons, the Brewers have taken to using him exclusively for single innings in the last two seasons. As long as they keep that up and continue to hand him frequent opportunities, a path to 60 saves will be there.